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Modern Work Space

event fullspace 

where a space becomes a revenue

we provide complete outsourced sales
and diary management for every meeting and event space 

In today's venue market it is critical to respond to meeting and event enquiries quickly and accurately, freeing up onsite teams to deliver exceptional experiences. 

At event fullspace we provide a highly experienced team of event agents who with the help of our technology partner  wizme, integrate with your team seamlessly.  With reactive sales teams as well as complete venue diary management we ensure you'll not miss a booking opportunity.  We also give you unparalleled direct booking through your own website!  Sit back and see the booking confirmations reach a new high - or sell your space for the first time.  Our full suite of support offers complete managment for you and regular performance reporting. 

how we open up the pipeline 

reactive sales from every channel  

expert multi venue sales teams empowered by technology that records every element of venue configuration.

an enquiry white-label widget

set up in 10 minutes and dropped onto your website allowing bookers immediate access to your venue as if there in person.

complete diary management 

total control and vision of your venue's diary with the

ability to move room allocation to maximise your venues spaces and revenue.

guaranteed rich proposals sent within 1hr of enquiry (in working hours).

success & opportunity reporting

see instantly how both event fullspace and your venue are performing.

link marketing campaigns to measure their success.

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